Prospect Equities Enters Marketing Partnership with Evolve Strategic Consulting


CARTERVILLE, Ill. — Evolve Strategic Consulting, a full-service digital marketing firm, has entered into a major new agreement with Prospect Equities, a luxury real estate brand headquarted in downtown Chicago. With offices in Chicago, Miami, New York, and Arizona; Prospect Equities, is an emerging leader in real estate’s most exciting markets. Under the terms of the new agreement, Evolve Strategic Consulting, will deliver an innovative video marketing campaign to help amplify the Prospect Equities brand by attracting new agents and engaging prospective buyers in the markets they serve.  

“We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Prospect Equities to help take them to the next level,” Evolve Strategic Consulting founder and CEO Chris McMillin said, “We’re extremely selective about whom we work with, and Prospect Equities is exactly the type of company we seek out. With an incredible team at the top and a truly innovative and progressive approach to its mission, Prospect Equities the kind of operation that makes this business so rewarding. We’re excited to build on our new partner’s truly impressive history and status.”  

From its humble roots as a one-agent shop opened by U.S. military veteran and CEO Richard M Killian over fifteen years ago, Prospect Equities has since closed over 3 billion dollars in real estate transactions and has blossomed into an emerging market leader.  Recently touted for their technological innovation, by being one of the first real estate brokerages to release a dedicated App to better serve its employees as well as prospective buyers, Prospect Equities also provides a best in class employee training program as well as a proprietary marketing platform to serve their agents.  

The Chicago based luxury real estate firm has hired 85 new agents thus far in 2016, 215 new agents in the last 18 months, and is poised for explosive growth in the next 3-5 years.  For more information, or to find out how you can become a part of the team, please refer to  

Evolve Strategic Consulting, a marketing agency with a focus on serving distinctive brands; currently services clients across the real estate, travel, financial services, dentistry, healthcare, logistics, sports marketing, and insurance industries. “We are looking forward to working with Chris and his team at Evolve” says Killian. “We anticipate this partnership will further enhance Prospect Equities as a leader and trendsetter in the real estate marketplace.”

About Evolve Strategic Consulting:

Providing innovative brands a fresh perspective with powerful strategies to attract market share and grow business. Evolve Strategic Consulting provides a full range of digital marketing services and consulting options to clients nationwide.


26 Aug 2016

D&G Smith Properties LLC Introduces 24-Hour Offer Guarantee


(Richmond, TX)— D&G Smith Properties, LLC, a Houston-based team of professional house buyers, has announced the introduction of their 24-hour offer guarantee. Right now, homeowners in the Houston area who are looking to sell their houses quickly can get a free, no-obligation, all-cash offer for their house within 24 hours of placing an inquiry with the company. All that’s needed to take advantage of the opportunity is to visit the company’s website and fill out the short form on the homepage.

George M. Smith, the owner of D&G Smith Properties, LLC, stated “No matter what type of market fluctuations take place in the real estate industry, some houses are just a difficult sell. Unfortunately, these same houses are often a legal and financial burden for the owner. For those with houses that are hard to sell with traditional methods, we’re offering the ultimate solution to sell your house fast Houston. Instead of enduring the frustration associated with the normal sales process, homeowners can simply come to us. We make cash offers for even the most undesirable properties, and we make the process quick and painless for everyone involved.”

For those who need to stop foreclosure Houston or get rid of an unwanted property they’ve inherited, one visit to is all it takes. The investment company buys houses in any condition, and there are no commissions, agents, or fees involved. The team at D&G Smith Properties strives to make the fairest offer possible on each house so that each transaction is a win-win situation for all parties.

As Smith continued, “For anyone who needs to sell house fast Houston, we want them to know that we’re here to help. We invite them to visit our website or give us a call to see how we can turn their burdensome property into cash, all in the span of one day. We love what we do, and we look forward to the opportunity to help more Houstonians get rid of their unwanted properties so they can finally get on with their lives.”

Those who need to sell their house quickly and would like to get a fast quote from D&G Smith Properties, LLC can visit their website at for more information.

About D&G Smith Properties, LLC:

D&G Smith Properties, LLC is a team of professional house buyers. Because of their experience and expertise in the real estate industry, the company has 12 ways to buy houses that are difficult to sell with standard methods.


26 Aug 2016

A Quick History of Experts

Primary Reasons to Pick Windows Hosting

If you are in the market looking for a website hosting platform, there are two options that you can choose from – Windows and Linux. The basis of having a server and the significance of the functionality of your website will depend on your choice. Linux is more popular compared to Windows, but here are the reasons why Windows hosting is far better than its competitors.

Make Windows as your top choice because of its ease to use and it is also very powerful. It also provides very scalable features and high security as it works on Microsoft Windows Server and operating systems. It provides its customers an inclusive, unified environment for web development to enable the .NET framework and its allied technologies create dynamic applications and web pages. Aside from this, it has the architecture that rendered the Windows hosting platform to be efficient enough to integrate several business functions together with the internet.

Windows hosting is your best option once Windows products, such as Frontpage, should be used. This web hosting option is now considered user-friendly considering its many features. Windows web hosting is also a good investment because its support network ranges from various Microsoft products that you can all integrate as well. Windows becomes popular because of these so many applications and technologies are being developed that are compatible with it.

The relevant proprietary software licenses are once owned by Microsoft so Windows hosting used to be more expensive than Linux. However, there are several plans to choose from considering their needs so it becomes more and more pocket-friendly. You have the option to get a plan that is less than $10 per month unless you intend to own your personal server, of course.

Windows has developed a cheap hosting option because it wants more people to have easy access to it. Several companies now start to offer the facility because it works better for them. If you plan to build your own website using Windows, you have to pick a Windows web hosting plan according to your needs with its numerous web hosting options that you can take into account. Aside from just enjoying its reliability, through this, individuals and business can also have a cost-effective facility.

You can have the best Windows web hosting platform that is suited for your needs. It even offers a more secure package compared to others that you can avail while it is also faster and more reliable. To make your site more modern and interactive, you can avail of the best possible application tools designed to suit for you. You have all the features you need to have an effective site.

Source: windows web hosting

26 Aug 2016

The Best Advice on Remedies I’ve found

The Benefits of Using Natural Remedies For Your Health For hundreds and even thousands of years now, natural remedies have been used traditionally to cure different ailments or health concerns and issues. However, as chemists and researchers begun to develop medicines which are of synthetic counterpart medicines that of these natural health remedies, doctors has also started their drug experiments. One problem or concern is that, people started to find out that the drugs that are being created do not really cure and instead, they just stop a reaction and that when you take these drugs, there is a huge possibility of getting side effects. With this regard, there are some cases wherein there has been a huge leap back to the more natural remedies in curing or treating a lot of health problems, concerns, and conditions. If you will notice or take a look at some products when you walk into any health food store, you will see many different products that can be of huge help in giving relief or assistance for medical conditions that are common to a lot of people and are even there on a regular basis. Truly, there are many natural remedies for anyone’s immediate health concern like headache, fever, eczema, acne, arthritis, high blood pressure, cough, colds, and many others. These are some of the few and common health conditions or concerns that natural remedies can give relief and solution to.
Getting Creative With Medications Advice
The important role that vitamins and minerals contribute for the body to achieve optimum health has always been acknowledged by health practitioners as well as medical professionals. It is true that in recent years, people are once again beginning to fully realize the benefits of choosing natural remedies for health concerns over the man made chemicals or medicines.
The 10 Laws of Remedies And How Learn More
To achieve the healthy kind of lifestyle the supplements taken, as much as possible, should be made from natural plants and herbs. When supplements that are being taken for everyday needs and even for addressing special needs to address immediate health concerns, are made from natural plants and herbs, then, the body will not become too dependent on chemicals that may contribute to unwanted side effects. A daily medication or daily intake of medicines are usually required for orthodox treatment of health conditions like asthma so that the health condition may be addressed and be taken cared of well. However, the side effects of man made drugs are usually greater than the help or cure it brings.The great thing is, by using something that can be found in nature and has been proven to cure your ailment, any health concerns, or health conditions, by many herbalists as well as natural healers for many hundreds or even thousands of years, is a more sensible and logical choice for you to be able to address your health issue.

26 Aug 2016

Why not learn more about Casinos?

Advantages of Online Casinos Our technology of today has greatly made our lives a lot easier than they were a couple of years ago. One of the ways modern technology has helped people is through the invention of the internet. There are lots of really important things one can do on the internet today, it has certainly helped everyone a lot through the years. Someone can certainly do a lot of important things with the help of the internet, but he or she can also enjoy several things there are are not quite as important. One of the things people can enjoy from the internet is the availability of online casino games! Someone who chooses to do things online certainly has several advantages over someone who doesn’t, the same is true even when it comes to online casinos. Let’s take a look at some of the many advantages online casino games have over visiting an actual casino. You probably know already that in a casino, you don’t play just ordinary games, the games you play there involve money. If one wishes to play a casino game, he or she will have to place down some money to join the game first. Someone who plays on online casinos on the other hand, doesn’t have to put in actual money right away, they can also play with virtual cash. This way, people can test with all the different casino games while they play online. Therefore, someone doesn’t have to send any money at all only to realize that he or she doesn’t like that particular casino game. And if people find that the game they are playing very enjoyable, then they can take it to the next level and start using actual money to play the game. Someone who uses the internet a lot knows that it is great because he or she can get things done anytime and anywhere too. Therefore, someone who enjoys playing casino games no longer has to travel to play, because he or she can play anywhere. When people are bored at home, or if they are stuck in traffic, they can just whip out their phone or tablet and enjoy online casino games. You won’t only have the privilege of playing anywhere, but also you can play any time you like!
The Essentials of Casinos – Revisited
When you play a casino game online, you can focus more on the game than when you visit an actual casino. When someone goes to a casino, he or she will be surrounding by formally dressed people and a bunch of other distractions. Online casino games can be played without any distraction at all.Getting Creative With Casinos Advice

25 Aug 2016

Modafinil Online:Exactly what are the Things That You Must Take into account In Purchasing One

Drugs has always been a part of people’s life. There are people who take drugs to treat disease and others get it as vitamins and medical supplement. Then again, disregarding your reasons of taking the medicine, there is always a need for you to understand all the things about the drugs, how to get it and where to find such. By way of this,you could surely expect a good outcome.
Allows us to talk about a certain drug known to be Modafinil. Below are review about the product that will serve as your guide concerning its proper sign, the unwanted effects and also contraindications along with how and where to buy this drug.
Precisely What Is Modafinil
This medicine is most effective in working issues with extreme day time sleepiness or narcolepsy. It also works for improving the cognitive objective of the brain.
Exactly what are the Well-known Brand Names?
Modafinil’s well-known brandnames are Providigil, Alertiec and Modvigil.Provigil is regarded as the priciest among modafinil brand name. With this, some people choose to buy Provigil online since it is offered at lesser price.
What Are the Unwanted Effects
Modafinil medicines has also its unwanted effects . If you come across modafinil online at and simmilar sites, you will see comprehensive information concerning its contraindications. Among its known unwanted effects is allergy. It could be allergy to the drug as a whole or to some of its components. Whenever an allergy arise since you don’t know about this contraindications, you have to see your doctor instantly to stop the allergic reaction.
Negative Effects
There are no severe reactions that has been reported upon consuming this medication. Nausea, insomnia and also diarrhea are a few of the encountered difficulties when consuming this medicine.
Correct Timing and Dosage of Having Modafinil
The amount of dose will usually count on the type of condition and age of every patient. The right amount of dosage is also given upon visiting your physician.
Limitations in the Submission of Modefilin
There are areas which selling of modafinil has limitations. Consequently, the restriction in the distribution of this drugs differs the region where you’re living. That is why most of the people prefer to buy modafinil online. With lots of modafinil online pharmacy out there, you should make sure that you are doing transaction with a legit provider, so you will not wind up of buying phony drugs.
The Reliable Company Where Can I buy Modafinil Online
There are a few area which modafinil is limited but if you have a doctor’s prescription you can buy one. The best place to buy provigil online is absolutely on a reliable company which offers the medicine at sensible value. Most importantly you need to ensure that the online pharmacy you’ve trusted is a legitimate modafinil provider.
All of these information about modafinil will certainly give you enough understanding about how exactly the drug works, where to buy it and the likes. Just remember that before buying modafinil online, it’s important to see your physician to ensure safety.

25 Aug 2016

Getting Down To Basics with Technology

Selecting the Best Online Source for Repair Manuals

When your latest gadget is somehow in distressed, the first thing that you would normally do is to identify the problem. Whatever your gadget is, you should check on what’s wrong with the item first. The first step before any troubleshooting is done is to identify the issue.

A repair manual is the most helpful tool you can get your hands on to help diagnose the problem. This repair manual will vary depending on the model of the product you have. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not include these manuals when you purchase your product. Proprietary information and copyright issues are among the reasons cited by original equipment manufacturers as to why they removed these repair manuals from the packaging of their products.

The easiest means for you to get hold of these repair manuals is to download it from a third party website. These manuals are not that costly, but there are certain pitfalls when you are hasty in purchasing one. When going online to purchase a copy of these manuals, you have to carefully choose the website where you will make the purchase from. There are a lot of shady websites that are offering service repair manuals, but sometimes the manuals they are selling are obsolete and won’t help you at all.

Some of the manuals they are selling are not even directly from the manufacturer of the gadget, but are created by someone who has experienced in troubleshooting the same product. With that, the competency of the manual to successfully troubleshoot the problem is reduced to the knowledge of the person who wrote the material,who is not affiliated with the manufacturing company. There are several virus marching on the internet and if you are not careful, the file containing your downloaded service repair manuals might just carry one of these virus and infect your computer.

Once you have chosen a reliable source, you can download the service repair manual and use its step by step process to figure out what’s wrong with your device. Once you have isolated the issue, you can then assess if the problem is something that you can fix yourself or if there is a need for a technician to do the work for you. When the issue is something that you want to resolve on your own, ensure that you are completing all the outlined details to fix the problem. To eliminate instances of creating other problems, it is imperative that you follow the outline in the manual. A technician is the best person to work on the item when the issue is too complicated, you can always walk them through the problem using your repair manual. The more detailed you are in relaying the issue, the better, so the technician can easily fix the gadget.

When fixing devices, service repair manuals play a vital role. These manuals are even used by professionals to fix different devices. Through these manuals, you do not just save money, you are also saving time in resolving the problem.


24 Aug 2016

5 Uses For Services

Facts About Online Repair Manuals

I’m sure every one of us remembers when we were kids, and your father had that yard mechanic who took treatment of everything to the family vehicle. These were the golden many years in automotive repair when any person having a wrench could fix absolutely anything on their cars. Just about each and every part of the automobiles, these days is linked to some digital or computer component. This means that you’ll need extremely advanced gear even to start diagnosing your automobile or truck. With most of these rapid advancements, it’s vital to have up-to-date and reliable repair details.

For this, I exclusively turn to on-line repair manuals for vehicles. Online repair manuals are comparable to the traditional vehicle repair manuals you’d find in your neighborhood auto parts stores. The main distinction between the two is the truth that the online versions can be found anywhere you may have an internet connection. There are also several benefits you will obtain when you select repair manuals online about traditional manuals. I’m sure we’ve been all acquainted with the recent attention becoming paid to recalls in the state.

Recalls can be a thing extremely uncomplicated and trivial, but will also correct serious security flaws in your automobile. Having owned numerous autos with recollects on them, I recognize that you aren’t notified when a to remember put on the vehicle. With access to the precise recalls on your vehicle or truck, you may be assured that the car is in safe and sound working order. Technical support bulletins are rather a secret from the automotive repair industry. They are great sources for information while you are diagnosing a problem in the vehicle.

Basically whatever they are is common challenges that the dealership support centers have noticed with a particular automobile, but not considered deserving of getting a remember. Manufacturers keep this data as near the best as feasible, as they indicate some pretty common complications in the design of the vehicle. Accessing this information provides the insight into your automobile just like the vendor would have. Maintaining your vehicle is among the most crucial components in identifying how much time it will last. Regularly altering the fluids and changing any worn out sections goes a good distance in making your vehicle last.

The fluids and pieces, together with the intervals they have to be changed, very involving different cars. With online repair manuals for automobiles, you can see just what exactly is recommended being changed or changed on your automobile or truck at precise mileage intervals. Online repair manuals for cars and trucks are the most effective investments you can also make in regards to automotive repair. It’s essential you have the correct data, and online repair manuals offer more than enough.


24 Aug 2016

5 Uses For Fashions

Why You Should Prefer Handmade Jewelry Jewelry is normally worn to complement people’s looks. Some of the types of jewelry that people put on include earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. In order to suit different people, there are different types of jewelry. A person should make themselves comfortable in the jewelry they put on. This ensures that they look good. Clothes worn should as well match the jewelry. People will put in all effort to get the types of jewelry they desire to have. This helps in ensuring that they maintain a perfect look. Handmade jewelry is preferred by most people. There are various reasons as to why people will go for them. The handmade jewelry is unique thus making them a favorite for most people. People use different types of materials to make this type of jewelry. These can represent various cultures. People, therefore, get to have their desired style of jewelry. It becomes possible to combine their culture as well as their favorite colors in the jewelry. They also get to have jewelry that is standing out. Top awards will be scooped by those going for competitions. People will feel good about what they are wearing as a result of the uniqueness of this jewelry. They also enjoy having their jewelry standing out. They also get to showcase what they believe in. The jewelry is also customized. People can have writings that they desire to have indicated on the jewelry. With the help of the jewelry, they get to send their loved ones special messages. They are also able to get the jewelry of their desired designs. People can have various messages displayed with their customized handmade jewelry. They can as well be made to take various shapes. People get to have a say on what should be included in the jewelry unlike readymade jewelry where they have to go with what is included.
A 10-Point Plan for Sales (Without Being Overwhelmed)
Another advantage of the handmade jewelry is that they are cheap. the jewelry is made from materials that are readily available. This makes their production costs lower thus making them sell at affordable prices. This gives all people an opportunity to own this jewelry. It is also easily made. Good profit margins are also made by those in the industry. Waste products from various sectors are made use of in this industry. This also makes good use of the available natural resources. Many people also get to have a source of employment as they earn from selling the jewelry.
Lessons Learned from Years with Sales
Many people prefer having handmade jewelry. With them, people are assured of getting different jewelry sizes. this type of jewelry is a must have for all. People can be assured of getting quality in this jewelry. Those desiring to have this jewelry should look up various sites on the internet. they get to have many options to select from. this also makes it easy for them to get the jewelry.

20 Aug 2016

Study: My Understanding of Smocks

The Different Designs Of Aprons and Their Uses When conducting different activities, it is recommended that you put on some protective clothes that will ensure that you complete the task at hand without being dirty. The main careers and people who require protective wears such as aprons include butchers, nurses, hair stylists, gardeners, teachers, carpenters, artists and waiters and the different people who handle food in different restaurants. Different people will opt to wear these aprons in order to easily carry out different activities without the fear of getting into contact with different dirt. An apron is a protective garment that is used to cover the front part of the body and may be worn mainly to protect different clothes from tear and for different hygienic reasons. Aprons are generally part of the attire worn by various workers while some women put them on as decorative garments. Aprons can be designed from various materials such as rubber and PVC which are considered the best for cooking and washing utensils. Aprons worn by carpenters are designed with pockets that will help them to hold different tools when carrying out different activities at their workplaces. Tabard, pinafore and the bungalow apron are the main forms of aprons. The bungalow apron is a type of apron that is used by women mainly indoors as stand-alone garments. These aprons are categorized as either housecoats or nightgowns that are fit to be worn when a person is at home in the morning. A tabard is an apron that is basically made to cover the back and front parts of our bodies. It is made with side ties or waistbands that help in fastening the apron and mainly used by cobblers who repair shoes. Pinafore is worn either by women or girls as either protective or decorative garments. It is a dress that is worn on top of a blouse. A pinafore is an apron that is buttoned at the back designed with no bib commonly worn by children who are playing. The advantages of wearing aprons when carrying out different activities include protecting our skin and clothes from dirt, preventing over exposure of other organs to x-rays, useful for storing items and others are used for fashion. Aprons can protect your skin which may be sensitive to dirt that may cause different diseases.
How to Achieve Maximum Success with Clothing
Aprons are useful to people who need x-ray at dental clinics by assisting them to protect their organs from overexposure to the rays that may be dangerous to their different organs. Some aprons are designed with pockets that will help different people like carpenters to store different items and tools.
Discovering The Truth About Clothing
Aprons are helpful in various fields that involve handling of foods and fluids or when handling unhygienic things.

18 Aug 2016